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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OFTHE EIGHTH JUDICIAL CIRCUITIN AND FOR ALACHUACOUNTY, FLORIDACIVILDIVISIONCase #:2018-CA-003614DIVISION:MGJPMorgan Chase Bank, NationalAssociationPlaintiff,-vs.Michael R. Babitz; Citibank,National Association,Successor inInterest to Citibank (SouthDakota), National Association;Alicia Ferguson; Jeremy Hopkins;Mora SullivanDefendant(s).NOTICE OF SALENOTICE IS HEREBY GIVENpursuant to order reschedulingforeclosure sale or Final Judgment,entered in CivilCase No. 2018-CA-003614 of the Circuit Court of the8th Judicial Circuit in and forAlachua County, Florida, whereinJPMorgan Chase Bank, NationalAssociation, Plaintiff and MichaelR. Babitz are defendant(s), I, Clerkof Court, J.K. "Jess" Irby, will sellto the highest and best bidder forcash ATwww.alachua.realforeclose.comAT11:00 A.M. LOCAL TIME onOctober 1, 2020, the followingdescribed property as set forth insaid Final Judgment, to-wit:LOT THIRTY-ONE (31), HIGHLANDCOURT MANOR UNIT NO. 2, ASPER PLAT THEREOF RECORDEDIN PLAT BOOK "F", PAGE 9 OFTHE PUBLIC RECORDS OFALACHUA COUNTY, FLORIDA.ANY PERSON CLAIMING ANINTEREST IN THE SURPLUSFROM THE SALE, IF ANY,OTHER THAN THE PROPERTYOWNER AS OF THE DATE OFTHE LIS PENDENS MUST FILE ACLAIM NOLATER THAN THEDATE THAT THE CLERKREPORTS THE FUNDS ASUNCLAIMED.If you are a person with adisability who needs anyaccommodation in order toparticipate in this proceeding,you are entitled, at no cost toyou, to the provision of certainassistance.Persons with adisability who need anyaccommodation in order toparticipate should call JanPhillips, ADA Coordinator,Alachua County Courthouse, 201E. University Ave., Gainesville,FL 32601 at (352) 337-6237within two (2) working days ofyour receipt of this notice; if youare hearing impaired call (800)955-8771; if you are voiceimpaired, call (800) 955-8770.Submitted By: ATTORNEY FORPLAINTIFF:SHAPIRO, FISHMAN & GACHÉ,LLP2424 North Federal Highway, Suite360Boca Raton, Florida 33431(561) 998-6700(561) 998-670718-315999 FC01 CHE(Pub.9/10&9/17, 2020)
IN THECOUNTYCOURTINANDFORALACHUACOUNTY, FLORIDACASE NO.:01-2016-CC-1308Turkey Creek Master OwnersAssociation, Inc.,Plaintiffvs.Rodney T. Robinson andTerrie L. Robinson,husbandand wife; and Atlantic Design& Construction, Inc.,Defendants.AMENDEDNOTICEOF SALENotice is given thatpursuant to an amended finaljudgment in Case Number 012016 CC1308 of the CountyCourt of the Eighth JudicialCircuit in and for AlachuaCounty, Florida, inwhichTurkey Creek Master OwnersAssociation, Inc. is thePlaintiff and Rodney T.Robinson andTerrie L.Robinson, husband and wife;and Atlantic Design &Construction, Inc., are theDefendants, J.K. “Jess” Irby,the Alachua County Clerk ofthe Court, will sell to thehighest andbest bidder forcash online, at11:00 a.m.onOctober1st, 2020,the followingdescribed property set forth inthe Amended Final Judgmentof Foreclosure:Lot 48 of WHITE OAKSPHASE II, a Planned UnitDevelopment, accordingtothePlat thereof as recorded inPlat Book 25, Page 63, of thePublic Records ofAlachuaCounty, Florida.Property Address: 7809 WhiteOaks Road, Alachua, FL32615Any person claiming aninterest in the surplus fromthe sale, if any, other than theproperty owneras of the dateof the institution of this actionmust file a claim within 60days after the sale.EISINGER LAWPresidential Circle4000 Hollywood BoulevardSuite 265 SouthHollywood, Florida 33021Tel.: (954) 894-8000 / Fax:(954) 894-8015Designated Email:eisingerlitigation@gmail.comBy: s:/ Gregory R. EisingerGREGORY R. EISINGER,ESQ.Florida Bar No. 97884(Pub.:9/10&9/17, 2020)
IN THE CIRCUIT COURTFORTHE EIGHTH JUDICIALCIRCUITIN AND FORALACHUACOUNTY, FLORIDACASE NUMBER:012020CP001469Probate Division AIN RE:TheEstate ofPAULA JUNE THOMAS,,Deceased.NOTICE TO CREDITORSThe administration of theestate ofPaula June Thomas,deceased, whose date of death isFebruary 9, 2020, is pending inthe Circuit Court for AlachuaCounty, Florida, ProbateDivision, the address of which is201 E. University Ave.,Gainesville, Florida 32601. Thenames and addresses of thepersonal representative and thepersonal representative’sattorneys are set forth below.All creditors of the decedentand other persons having claimsor demands against decedent'sestate on whom a copy of thisnotice is required to be servedmust file their claims with thiscourt ON OR BEFORE THELATER OF 3 MONTHS AFTERTHE TIME OF THE FIRSTPUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICEOR 30 DAYS AFTER THE DATEOF SERVICE OF A COPY OFTHIS NOTICE ON THEM.All other creditors of thedecedent and other personshaving claimsor demandsagainst decedent's estate mustfile their claims with this courtWITHIN 3 MONTHS AFTER THEDATE OF THE FIRSTPUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE.ALL CLAIMS NOT FILEDWITHIN THE TIME PERIODSSET FORTH IN FLORIDASTATUTES 733.702 WILL BEFOREVER BARRED.NOTWITHSTANDING THETIME PERIOD SET FORTHABOVE, ANY CLAIM FILED TWO(2) YEARS OR MORE AFTERTHE DECEDENT’S DATE OFDEATH IS BARRED.The date of the firstpublication of this noticeisSeptember 10, 2020.Personal Representative:/s/Charles L. ThomasCharles L. Thomas702 NE 1st StreetGainesville, FL 32601Attorneysfor PersonalRepresentative:Scruggs,Carmichael&Wershow, M. RomotCharles W. LittellFlorida Bar No. 174593Neeta M. RomotFlorida Bar No. 10025872234 NW 40th Terrace, Suite BGainesville, Florida 32605Telephone: (352) 376-5424Facsimile: (352), 2020)
IN THE CIRCUIT COURTOFTHE EIGHTH JUDICIALCIRCUITIN AND FORALACHUACOUNTY, FLORIDACASE NUMBER:01-2020-CP-001372Probate DivisionAIN RE:TheEstate ofCONSTANCE D ROWE,Deceased.ORDER OF SUMMARYADMINISTRATIONOn the petition of JAMES BENROWE, III and MICHAELANDREW ROWE forSummaxyAdministration of the estate ofCONSTANCE D. ROWE,deceased, the court finding thatthe Decedent died on October14, 2019; that all interestedpersons have been servedproper noticeof hearing or havewaived notice thereof; that thematerial allegations of thepetition are true; thatthe Willdated September 18, 2018, hasbeen admitted to probate byorder of this court as and fortheLast Will of the Decedent; andthat the Decedent's estatequalifies for SummaryAdministrationand an Order ofSummary Administration shouldbe entered, it isADJUDGEDthat:1. There be immediatedistribution of the assets of thedecedent as follows:Name–Asset Share or AmountDiscover Bank $587.45JAMES BEN ROWE, III andMICHAELANDREW ROWE, asCo-Trustees of The ConstanceD. Rowe Revocable Living TrustDated Spetember 18, 2018One hundred percent (100%) ofthe remaining balance of TDBANK CD # 00009602679526and TD BANK IRA Plan Key #XXXXXXXX7944IRA2. Those to whom specified partsof the Decedent's estate areassigned by this ordershall beentitled to receive and collectthe same, and to maintainactions to enforce the right.3. Debtors of the Decedent,those holding property of theDecedent, and those withwhomsecurities orother property ofDecedent are registered, areauthorized and empowered tocomply with this order bypaying, delivening, ortransferring to those specifiedabove the parts oftheDecedent's estate assigned tothem by this order, and thepersons so paying,deliveringx ortransferring shall not beaccountable to anyone else forthe property.DONE AND ORDERED onWednesday, August 19, 2020./s/ Denise R FerreroDenise RFerreroCircuit Judge(Pub.:9/10&9/17, 2020)