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Notice Under FictitiousName Law Pursuant toSection 865.09, FloridaStatutesNOTICE IS HEREBY GIVENthat the undersigned, desiringto engage in businessCarlsonCarelocated at5602 SW 17thDrive,in the County ofAlachua,in the City ofGainesville,Florida 32608intends to register the saidname with the Division ofCorporations of theFloridaDepartment of State,Tallahassee, Florida.Dated atGainesville,Florida,this28day ofJuly,2020.Owner of Fictitious Name:Elisabet Carlson(Pub.:August 6, 2020)
Notice Under FictitiousName Law Pursuant toSection 865.09, FloridaStatutesNOTICE IS HEREBY GIVENthat the undersigned, desiringto engage in businessCabanaBeach Apartments,locatedat1601 S.W. 51stTerrace,inthe County ofAlachua,in theCity ofGainesville, Florida32601,intends to register thesaid name with the Division ofCorporations of theFloridaDepartment of State,Tallahassee, Florida.Dated atGainesville,Florida,this30thday ofJuly,2020.Attorney in fact for OwnerofFictitiousName: John F.Hayter, of John F. Hayter,Attorney At Law, P.A.,Attorney In Fact for THPCabana Beach Gainesville,LLC.(Pub.:August 6, 2020)
IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THEEIGHTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OFFLORIDA IN AND FOR ALACHUACOUNTYGENERAL JURISDICTION DIVISIONCASE NO.012018CA001346XXXXXXFBC MORTGAGE, LLC,Plaintiff,vs.CASANDRA M BALLENGER, et al.,Defendants.NOTICE OFFORECLOSURESALENOTICE IS HEREBY GIVENpursuant to a Summary FinalJudgment of Foreclosure enteredJanuary 31, 2020 in Civil Case No.012018CA001346XXXXXX of theCircuit Court of the EIGHTH JudicialCircuit in and for Alachua County,Gainesville, Florida, wherein FBCMORTGAGE, LLC is Plaintiff andCASANDRA M BALLENGER, et al., areDefendants, the Clerk of Court, J.K."Jess" IRBY, Esq., will sell to thehighest and best bidder for cash inaccordance with Chapter 45, FloridaStatutes onthe 24thday of September,2020 at 11:00 AM on the followingdescribed property as set forth in saidSummary Final Judgment, to-wit:LOT 71, CREEKSIDE VILLAS ATTURKEY CREEK, ACCORDING TO THEPLAT THEREOF AS RECORDED INPLAT BOOK 27, PAGES 7 AND 8,PUBLIC RECORDS OF ALACHUACOUNTY, FLORIDA.Any person claiming an interest inthe surplus from the sale, if any, otherthan the property owner as of the dateof the lis pendens, must file a claimbefore the clerk reports the surplus asunclaimed.I HEREBYCERTIFY that a true andcorrect copy of the foregoing was:[check all used] (X) E-mailed (X) Mailedthis 3rdday of August, 2020, to allparties on the attached service list./s/Robyn KatzRobyn Katz, Esq.McCalla Raymer Leibert Pierce, LLCAttorney forPlaintiff110 SE 6thStreet, Suite 2400Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301Phone: (407) 674-1850Fax: (321) 248-0420Email:MRService@mccalla.comFla. Bar No.: 0146803If you are a person with a disabilitywho needs any accommodation inorder to participate in thisproceeding, you are entitled, at nocost to you, to the provision ofcertain assistance. Persons with adisability who need anyaccommodation in order toparticipate should call Jan Phillips,ADA Coordinator, Alachua CountyCourthouse, 201 E. University Ave.,Gainesville, FL 32601 at (352) 337-6237 within two (2) working days ofyour receipt of this notice; if you arehearing impaired call (800) 955-8771; if you are voice impaired, call(800) 955-8770.651670318-00467-3(Pub.:8/6 &8/13, 2020)
NOTICE OF DEFAULT ANDFORECLOSURE SALEWHEREAS, on April 11, 2003, acertain Mortgage was executed byBarbara Estes, joined by her spouseLarry E. Estes as Mortgagor in favor ofFinancial Freedom Senior FundingCorporation which Mortgage wasrecordedApril 21, 2003, in OfficialRecords Book 2648, Page 1366 in theOffice of the Clerk of the Circuit Courtfor Alachua County, Florida, (the“Mortgage”); andWHEREAS, the Mortgage wasassigned to MERS as nominee forFinancial Freedom Acquisition LLC byAssignment recorded October 16, 209in Official Records Book 3913, Page1500, in the Office of the Clerk of theCircuit Court for Alachua County,Florida; andWHEREAS, the Mortgage wasassigned to the United States Secretaryof Housing and Urban Development(the “Secretary”), by Assignmentrecorded July 21, 2014 in OfficialRecords Book 4290, Page 1987, in theOffice of the Clerk of the Circuit Courtfor Alachua County, Florida; andWHEREAS, the Mortgage is nowowned by the Secretary; andWHEREAS, a default hasbeen madein the covenants and conditions ofSection 9 of the Mortgage in thatMortgagor has abandoned the Propertyhereinafter defined and the Mortgageremains wholly unpaid as of the date ofthis Notice and no payment has beenmade to restore the loan tocurrentstatus; andWHEREAS, the entire amountdelinquent as of June 5, 2020 is$102,276.88 plus accrued unpaidinterest, if any, late charges, if any, feesand costs; andWHEREAS, by virtue of this default,the Secretary has declared the entireamount ofthe indebtedness secured bythe Mortgage to be immediately dueand payable; andWHEREAS, the Unknown Spousea/k/a Larry Estes may claim someinterest in the property hereinafterdescribed, as the spouse in possessionof the property, but such interest issubordinate to the lien of the Mortgageof the Secretary; andWHEREAS, Unknown Tenant(s) mayclaim some interest in the propertyhereinafter described, as a/thetenant(s) in possession of the property,but such interest is subordinate to thelien of the Mortgage of the Secretary;andNOW, THEREFORE,pursuant topowers vested in me by the SingleFamily Mortgage Foreclosure Act of1994, 12 U.S.C. 3751 et seq., by 24CFR part 27, subpart B, and by theSecretary’s designation of theundersigned as ForeclosureCommissioner, recorded on March 19,2020 in Official Records Book 4763,Page 498 of the Public Records ofAlachua County, Florida, notice ishereby given that onSeptember 17,2020at 9:00 a.m. local time, all realand personal property at or used inconnection with the following describedpremises (the “Property”) will be sold atpublic auction to the highest bidder:Lot 5, RANKIN MEADOWS, accordingto the Plat thereof, recorded in PlatBook P, Page 90, of the Public Recordsof Alachua County, FloridaCommonly known as: 4606 NW 186thStreet, Alachua, Fl 32615-7232The sale will be held at 4606 NW186th Street, Alachua, Fl 32615-7232.The Secretary of Housing and UrbanDevelopment will bid $102,276.88 plusinterest from June 5, 2020 at a rate of$6.08 perdiem (subject to increasesapplicable under the Note), plus allcosts of this foreclosure and costs of anowner’s policy of title insurance.There will be no proration of taxes,rents or other income or liabilities,except that the purchaser will pay, ator before closing, his/her/its pro-ratashare of any real estate taxes that havebeen paid by the Secretary to the dateof the foreclosure sale.When making their bids, all biddersexcept the Secretary must submit adeposit totaling ten (10%) percent ofthebid amount in the form of acertified check or cashier’s check madeout to the Secretary of HUD. Each oralbid need not be accompanied by adeposit. If the successful bid is oral, adeposit of ten (10%) percent of the bidamount must be presented before thebidding is closed. The deposit is non-refundable. The remainder of thepurchase price must be deliveredwithin thirty (30) days of the sale or atsuch other time as the Secretary maydetermine for good cause shown, timebeing of the essence. This amount, likethe bid deposits, must be delivered inthe form of a certified or cashier'scheck. If the Secretary is the highbidder, he need not pay the bid amountin cash. The successful bidder will payall conveyancing fees, all real estateand other taxes that are due on or afterthe delivery of the remainder of thepayment and all other costs associatedwith the transfer of title. At theconclusion of the sale, the deposits ofthe unsuccessful bidders will bereturned to them.The Secretary may grant anextension of time within which todeliver the remainder of the payment.All extensions will be for fifteen (15) dayincrements for a fee equal to FiveHundred and NO/100 Dollars($500.00) per extension, paid inadvance. The extension fee shall be inthe form ofa certified or cashier’scheck made payable to the Secretary ofHUD. If the high bidder closes the saleprior to the expiration of any extensionperiod, the unused portion of theextension fee shall be applied towardthe amount due.If the high bidder isunable to closethe sale within, the required period, orwithin any extensions of time grantedby the Secretary, the high bidder maybe required to forfeit the cash depositor, at the election of the foreclosurecommissioner after consultation withthe HUDField Office representative,will be liable to HUD for any costsincurred as a result of such failure. TheCommissioner may, at the direction ofthe HUD Field Office Representative,offer the Property to the second highestbidder for an amount equal to thehighest price offered by that bidder.There is no right of redemption, orright of possession based upon a rightof redemption, in the mortgagor orothers subsequent to a foreclosurecompleted pursuant to the Act.Therefore, the ForeclosureCommissionerwill issue a Deed to thepurchaser(s) upon receipt of the entirepurchase price in accordance with theterms of the sale as provided herein.HUD does not guarantee that theproperty will be vacant.The amount that must be paid if theMortgage is to be reinstated prior to thescheduled sale is the principal balanceset forth above, together with accrued,unpaid interest, plus all other amountsthat would be due under the mortgageagreement if payments under themortgage had not been accelerated,advertisingcosts and postage expensesincurred in giving notice, mileage bythe most reasonable road distance forposting notices and for the ForeclosureCommissioner’s attendance at the sale,reasonable and customary costsincurred for title and lien recordsearches, the necessary out-of-pocketcosts incurred by the ForeclosureCommissioner for recordingdocuments, a commission for theForeclosure Commissioner, and allother costs incurred in connection withthe foreclosure prior to reinstatement.Date: July30,2020HUD Foreclosure CommissionerBy:/s. Michael J PosnerMichael J Posner, EsquireWard, Damon, Posner,Pheterson & Bleau4420 Beacon CircleWest Palm Beach, Florida 33407Tel:561.842.3000/Fax:561.842.3626Direct: 561.594.1452STATE OF FLORIDACOUNTY OF PALM BEACH Sworn to, subscribed andacknowledged before me this30day ofJuly, 2020, by mean of [X] physicalpresence or [__] online notarization,Michael J Posner, Esquire, of Ward,Damon, Posner, Pheterson & Bleauwho [X] is personally known to me or[__] produced _____ as identification./s/ Christina ZingmanMy Commission Expires:July 17, 2023Notary Public, State of FloridaUnless you, within thirty days ofyour receipt of this notice, disputethe validity of the debt claimed inthis letter, or any portion of thedebt, we will assume that the debtalleged in this letter is valid. If wereceive notice from you within thirtydays of your receipt of this noticethat the debt claimed in this notice,or any portion of the debt, isdisputed, we will obtain verificationof the debt and will forward thatverification to you. Also, uponrequest to us within thirty days ofyour receipt of this notice, we willprovide the name and address of theoriginal creditor of the debt claimedin this notice, if different from theUnited States Secretary of Housingand Urban Development(Pub.: 8/6, 8/13, 8/20, 2020)
IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OFTHE EIGHTH JUDICIAL CIRCUITIN AND FOR ALACHUACOUNTY, FLORIDACIVILDIVISIONCase #:012019CA002644XXXXXXDIVISION:MGUSAA FEDERAL SAVINGS BANKPlaintiff,-vs.Anthony LewisDefendant(s).NOTICE OF SALENOTICE IS HEREBY GIVENpursuant to order reschedulingforeclosure sale or Final Judgment,entered in Civil Case No.012019CA002644XXXXXX of theCircuit Court of the 8th JudicialCircuit in and for Alachua County,Florida, wherein USAA FEDERALSAVINGS BANK,Plaintiff andAnthony Lewis are defendant(s), I,Clerk of Court, J.K. "Jess" Irby, willsell to the highest and best bidderfor cash ATwww.alachua.realforeclose.comAT11:00 A.M. LOCAL TIME onAugust27, 2020, the following describedproperty as set forth in said FinalJudgment, to-wit:LOTS EIGHTY-ONE AND EIGHTY-TWO (81 AND 82), SERENOLAMANOR UNIT NO. 3A, ASUBDIVISION AS PER MAP ORPLAT THEREOF AS RECORDED INPLAT BOOK "P", PAGE 50, OF THEPUBLIC RECORDS OF ALACHUACOUNTY, FLORIDA.ANY PERSONCLAIMING ANINTEREST IN THE SURPLUSFROM THE SALE, IF ANY,OTHER THAN THE PROPERTYOWNER AS OF THE DATE OFTHE LIS PENDENS MUST FILE ACLAIM NO LATER THAN THEDATE THAT THE CLERKREPORTS THE FUNDS ASUNCLAIMED.If you are a person with adisability who needs anyaccommodation in order toparticipate in this proceeding,you are entitled, at no cost toyou, to the provision of certainassistance. Persons with adisability who need anyaccommodation in order toparticipate should call JanPhillips, ADA Coordinator,Alachua County Courthouse, 201E. University Ave., Gainesville,FL 32601 at (352) 337-6237within two (2) working days ofyour receipt of this notice; if youare hearing impaired call (800)955-8771; if you are voiceimpaired, call (800) 955-8770.Submitted By: ATTORNEY FORPLAINTIFF:SHAPIRO, FISHMAN & GACHÉ,LLP2424 North Federal Highway, Suite360Boca Raton, Florida 33431(561) 998-6700(561) 998-670719-320309 FC01 CXE(Pub.8/6&8/13, 2020)
IN THE CIRCUIT COURTFORALACHUA COUNTY,FLORIDAPROBATE DIVISIONFile No.2020-CP-1370Division AIN RE:ESTATE OFDALE WILLIAM YOUNGDeceased.NOTICE TO CREDITORSThe administration of theestate of DALE WILLIAMYOUNG, deceased, whose dateofdeathwas January 19, 2020,is pending in the Circuit Courtfor ALACHUA County, Florida,Probate Division, the addressof which is 201 E. UniversityAve., Gainesville, FL 32601.Thenames and addresses ofthe personal representative andthe personal representative'sattorney areset forth below.All creditors of the decedentand other persons havingclaims or demands againstdecedent's estate on whom acopy of this notice is requiredto be served must file theirclaimswith this court ON ORBEFORE THE LATER OF 3MONTHS AFTER THE TIME OFTHEFIRST PUBLICATION OFTHIS NOTICE OR 30 DAYSAFTER THE DATE OF SERVICEOF A COPY OF THIS NOTICEON THEM.All other creditors of thedecedent and other personshaving claims or demandsagainstdecedent's estate mustfile their claims with this courtWITHIN 3 MONTHS AFTERTHEDATE OF THE FIRSTPUBLICATION OF THISNOTICE.ALL CLAIMS NOT FILEDWITHIN THE TIME PERIODSSET FORTH INFLORIDASTATUTES SECTION 733.702WILL BE FOREVER BARRED.NOTWITHSTANDING THETIME PERIODS SET FORTHABOVE, ANY CLAIMFILEDTWO (2) YEARS OR MOREAFTER THE DECEDENT'SDATE OF DEATH ISBARRED.The date of first publicationof this notice isAugust 6,2020.Personal Representative:/s/Cheryl StricklandCHERYL STRICKLAND11119 SE225th DriveHawthorne, Florida32640Attorney for PersonalRepresentative:HARRISON ESTATE LAW, P.A.By:/s/ McCabe G. HarrisonMcCabe G. HarrisonFlorida Bar Number: 96805E-Mail:mccabe@harrisonestatelaw.comCasey C. HarrisonFlorida Bar Number: 86488Email:casey@harrisonestatelaw.comAttorneys for PersonalRepresentative925 NW 56thTerrace, Suite CGainesville,FL,32605Telephone: (352)559-9828Fax: (352), 2020
NOTICE OFAPPLICATION FORTAX DEEDTD #2020-062NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVENthatJackson and Perry,holderof the following certificate, hasfiled said certificate for a taxdeed to be issued. The certificatenumber, the description of theproperty, and thenames inwhich it was assessed are asfollows:Certificate Number:2016-5712Description of Property:COM SW COR NE1/4 OFSW1/4 POB ELY 400 FT N 252FT M/L TO S R/W WLY TO WLINE OF NE 1/4 OF SW 1/4SLY 203 FT M/L POB (LESSCOM SW COR OF NE1/4 OFSW1/4 POBE 212.23 FT N219.97 FT S 80 DEG W 214.77FT S 192.58 FT POB PER OR4316/1225) OR 4150/0376Tax CertificateAssessmentName:Magel & Rush &Southorne &, WiLast TaxRollAssessment Name:Magel & Rush & Southorne &,WiSaid property being in AlachuaCounty, Florida. Unless suchcertificate is redeemed accordingto law, the property described insuch certificate will be sold tothe highest bidderby electronicsaleat the Alachua CountyClerk’s Tax Deed website a.m.onTuesday,September 15,2020,or any subsequently scheduledsale date.Bidders mustmakeadvance deposits of$200 or 5%,whichever is greater,of theanticipated bid no later than3:00 pm the day before the saleand bids will be limited based onthe posted deposit. Once the bidis accepted, the bid deposit andbid deposit fee is nonrefundable.For more information on postingdeposits go bid balance, taxes and feesare due within 24 hours of sale.The highest bidder or thecertificate holder to whom theproperty is struck off must taketitle by law.DatedAugust 3, 2020.J.K. “Jess” Irby, Esq.Clerk of theCircuit Courtin and forAlachua County, Florida(Court Seal)By: /s/ Abby HeitDeputy Clerk(Pub:8/6,8/13,8/20,8/27,2020)
TRADE NAME COPYRIGHTNOTICEThis constitutes actual andconstructive notice of thecopyright protections for the tradename, NADJARE CHARLESEVANS, an original expressioncreated on or around June 7,1979, with all rights reserved,held by the man “infull life”commonly knownas NadjareCharles, Evans, who is in fact theoccupant of the General Executoroffice, Grantor, and Beneficiary ofthe NADJARE CHARLES EVANS,Estate, hereinafter “Estate”,originally domiciled in AlachuaCounty, Florida. The saidcommon law trade name may notbe unlawfully used, printed,duplicated, reproduced,distributed, displayed, neither inwhole or in part in any mannerwhatsoever, without priorexpressed written consent andacknowledgement of the saidoccupant of the General Executoroffice of the NADJARE CHARLESEVANS, Estate, hereinafter“General Executor”.With intent of being contractuallybound, any juristic person, andany agent thereof agrees thatneither said juristic person or anyagent thereof shall unlawfully useinany manner whatsoever thesaid common law trade namewithout strict proof of claim,evidencing with full disclosureequal consideration of contractualobligations or an injurycommitted by the said GeneralExecutor. By these terms, anyperson and any agentthereofengaging in unauthorized use oftrade name property, hereinafterjointly referred to as the“Interloper” does agree that anyuse of the said trade name, exceptthe authorized use as set above,constitutes unauthorized use,unauthorized reproduction,identity theft, aggravated identitytheft, copy right infringement,and counterfeiting, of GeneralExecutor’s common law property,and contractually binding uponsaid Interloper, securing aninterest in said Interloper’sassets, land, and personalproperty for equal considerationand not less than one millionUnited States dollars($1,000,000.00). Any person oragent thereof claiming orpresuming an adverse interest,challenging, or rebutting therights of the General Executormay write to the Estate care of:34th street-4600 suite 142433Gainesville, Florida [32614-9998].(Pub. 8/6, 2020)